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80's Hits takes the biggest hits from the decade of big hair and music videos and puts it together on one station. From the new wave of Duran Duran, to the arena rock of Def Leppard, from the end of disco to the beginning of hip hop (remember Tone Loc?), it's all on 80's Hits.

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The 1980s was a new wave for heavy metal, punk rock, and hip hop. Towards the end of the 80s the demise of punk rock became to become quite evident. With the downward spiral of punk rock, Gothic rock, post-pink, emo, and thrash rock emerged.

In terms U.S history so many different things happened that allowed for a lot of things happened in the music industry. As a variety of rock sub-styles emerged such as, hip hop undergoing its first diversification and going in all sorts of different directions with L.A electroclash, Detroit ghettotech, etc.

House Music developed in Chicago, techno music developed in Detroit which also saw the flowering of the Detroit Sound in gospel.The things that occurred during the 1980s allowed for the uprising of the greatest crossover success of CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) along with Cuban pop.

I bet you are all like me and prefer to listen to music that suits you, therefore, if our radio station does not have songs or music from certain bands then comment that song or band below and we here at Truckin’ Radio will upload it as soon as possible.


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