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Having a horrible day? We plug in and we play the best heavy metal around from bands like Metallica, Disturbed, Korn, Shinedown and System of the down. Stay Strong and Rock On!

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Hard Rock is associate with the 1960s, which was the time of garage, blues, and psychedelic rock movements. The format that is loosely defined as a subgenre of rock, which developed into quite a popular form of music during the 70s by bands such as Queen, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Aerosmith.

As the 1980s rolled around bands such as Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses made a return to the hard rock format given it sudden commercial popularity. With the unfortunate rise is R&B, grunge, and hip hop music during the 1990s, hard rock began losing much of its following and popularity began declining. In the early 2000s people became reinterested in established bands, which is known as the revival period. Many bands came out of this period such as The Black Keys, The Strokes, and Interpol, which pushed many bands from the 80s and 90s out of the picture.

A majority of the songs on our Hard Rock Radio Station are a mix of 80s - 90s and hard rock from this day in age, which means we might not have some stuff that our listeners prefer. If that is the case, please comment what you would like to hear on this station we upload them right away.


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