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Always wanted your own time machine? Well here you go, time to crank the jukebox up to eleven and jam out to the best songs from what you or your parents call “them good ol’ days” with artists such as Timi Yuro, The Turtles, The Searchers, and The Righteous Brothers.

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"Oldies" speaks for itself, it ranges from the beginning of rock n' roll in the 1950s all the way to the start single songwriters in the mid 1960s. The term "oldies" typically includes most song genres including R&B, pop and some rock music genres.

What types of bands/ artists are included under this label? In my personal opinion the oldies is by far some of the best music out there including; Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Animals, and The Four Seasons.

Most radio stations limit their oldies playlist to no more than 300 songs given that oldies covers so many different styles of music. We here at Truckin' Radio have a specific a Oldies station dedicated to oldies music ranging from the 50s and 60s.

Some oldies that you want to hear that's not on this station? Comment what you would like to see and we will upload them as soon as possible.


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