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If you’re looking for Pop Rocks we can’t help you there, but if you’re looking for a station that plays the Top 40 Pop Rock songs from artist like Adele, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Pitbull then this station will be your new best friend. Enjoy

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“Pop" music is a genre that originated in the 1950s in both the United States and the U.K. Not a lot of people know this but another term for "pop" music is "popular music", both of which are used interchangeably. Songs under this genre take little pieces from styles such as urban, dance, rock, Latin, and country. According to a number of different sources, this is “the music...that is most in line with the tastes and interests of the urban middle class."

I personally dislike pop music quite a bit because it's not something I ever grew to like, but as years go by I can see that pop music is becoming more and more popular with our generation and will soon be the go to style of music. Big stars like Taylor Swift, who was originally country, are migrating to the pop side of the music industry.

Our radio stations have an incredible variety of pop music ranging from Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran to Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Something you want to hear that's not on this station? Comment what you would like to see and we will do our best to upload it as soon as possible.


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